Town History: Once upon a time, MurStUni was a fairly small, insignificant, rural community. After the Mega-Whoops, the town was relatively unscathed. Many people from surrounding areas flocked to MurStUni. The local Center of Learning attracted men of knowledge from throughout the middle of the land of Usa. They settled MurStUni, and entered a second Golden Age of knowledge and progress.

The Town Now: MurStUni is a small population center for the region. The Wise Ones have closed the borders of the Center of Learning with a powerful forcefield so that they may work free from the annoyances of the ones they call Townies. What purpose they work toward is unknown outside the barrier.

There is a group, however, who dissents. They have built up a small tribe based out of the old Library, a lesser Center of Learning. They believe knowledge should be shared by all. They seek to overturn the unfair status quo and establish a new order where all may freely seek wisdom and enlightenment.

The Center of Learning: regarded with a level of superstitious fear by the Townies, the University is relatively unscathed from the Mega-Whoops. The mysterious Wise Ones occasionally descend from their ivory towers to bestow gifts of technology upon the Townies. If anything threatens the settlement as a whole, the Wise Ones will intervene.

The Cheri Theatre: If the Townies view the University with superstitious fear, then what they feel for the Cheri can only be called existential terror. None have ventured into the site in generations. All sentient life instinctively avoids the place.

Dairy Queen: a lot of MurStUni sustained moderate damage in the Mega-Whoops. The tiny Dairy Queen, however, escaped entirely intact. It is still exactly as it was Pre-Mega-Whoops.

The Apple: none now alive know it’s original purpose. This simple building merely is. However, a couple of Radioactivists have turned it into a church serving their noble goal: the reawakening of the Radiant Divine Glory so that MurStUni may be bathed in His light once more.

Walmar Bazaar: this large building is the center of commerce in MurStUni, and so it has been since time immemorial. Rumor speaks of a great secret housed within. Who may say?

Sirloin Crater: this is the site of the one nuclear strike to hit MurStUni during the Mega-Whoops. There is an idol of a large bovine at the edge of the crater. It is believed to be a god of the Ancients.

Library: the home of the Freedom of Information Activists.


Butch Mills: A solitary street urchin who gets by on chutzpah.

Doc: The charismatic leader of the Freedom of Information Activists.

Doctor Wattier: An intense scientist who deals with Townies.

Jayna: A devout Radioactivist preaching to MurStUni.

Mama Nance: A friendly drunk who seeks utopia.

Miller Autsal: A gruff engineer who studies and repairs Ancient tech.

Zan: A devout Radioactivist preaching to MurStUni.