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  • Miller Autsal

    There is a portion of the Walmar Bazaar set aside for mechanics. Miller is the tinkerer who has set up shop there. He is obsessed with any Ancient tech that can be salvaged and will spend days putzing with any piece brought to him by travelers and traders.

  • Butch Mills

    Usually found in the Walmar Bazaar during the day, Butch is a local street rat. He’s surprisingly savvy, and knows more than he lets on. He’s always a good source of information, if you can meet his price. Just don’t make the mistake of trying to befriend …

  • Mama Nance

    A friendly bear-mutant, Mama Nance is nearly always drunk, when she can find booze or someone willing to buy it for her. Not many know this, but Mama Nance’s greatest ambition is to help create a world of peace for everyone, perhaps by getting EVERYONE …

  • Doctor Wattier

    One of the Wise Ones from the Center of Learning, and a Sleeth. It’s odd that he deigns to live with non-Sleeth. He is more likely to visit the outlying town than the other Wise Ones.

  • Zan

    One of the two Radioactivists who have taken over The Apple. He is a powerful pyrokinetic mutant. He and his twin sister Jayna seek to reawaken the Radiant Divine Glory once more to bless MurStUni with His power.

  • Jayna

    The other Radioactivist and Zan’s twin sister. She is a powerful cryokinetic mutant. She wants nothing more than to bless MurStUni once more with the Radiant Divine Glory's power.

  • Doc

    A mutant gorilla, Doc seeks merely the total freedom of information and knowledge. He doesn't like the direction the Wise Ones are currently taking, or the fact that they've cloistered themselves away. He will fight the Wise Ones, but only if he is forced …

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